Reflecting on Life

Life is absolutely precious.

We are born into this world and the amount of time we spend alive on Earth is not promised. Some people live to an old age while others pass away at a young age. The latter is the circumstance surrounding a dear friend of mine who unexpectedly passed away at the end of March. This crushing loss pushed me to do some deep reflection on life and how precious it is.

When I reflect on how my life has been recently, I feel like days have passed me by. I realize I struggle to hit the pause button in my day-to-day life, and find myself getting dragged down by various factors including unhappiness. As a result of unhappiness that shows up, I can head on an unhealthy search for happiness despite knowing happiness is not a destination. While in a vulnerable place, especially living in today’s society, it can be an easy trap to fall into. I must bring myself back to what I know is truth, which is that making choices aligning with what I value brings true happiness.

It sounds like it is time to wipe the dust off my journal (coming from someone who used to journal nearly every day) and do some greater self-reflection. I am curious if doing a journaling activity where I step back and take a good look at how I operate in my life with as little judgment as possible could help me clearly identify ways to move forward living with more intention, and to overall do more of what brings meaning and joy to my life. I guess there is only one way to find out?

On another note, something exciting to share is that I am back in my life full-time for the first time since March 2014! I discharged from the Intensive Outpatient Program on April 4, making the full transition out of treatment to outpatient care. That feels absolutely amazing to be able to say. I am incredibly thankful for all of the love and support I received along the way! Without it, I do not know where I would be right now. ❤


  1. You really are an inspiration. You’ve come so far from the first time I had the pleasure of meeting you. I love you D…keep doing what you’re doing and the world will open up to you. ❤



    1. Thanks, Sarah!!! 🤗 What a rough time that was. Your support truly helped me get through it. I am so thankful for you. The fight is definitely hard right now, but I am continuing to fight. Keep fighting yourself… you are MORE THAN WORTH IT! 💜



  2. I remember when my mom passed away (please no well wishes, she wasn’t a pleasant person). She died from ovarian cancer although she was in denial and never considered it anything more than a cold. She was actually super happy having lost over a 100 lbs, never associating it with deteriorating health. She taught me to hate my body through example and it did give me pause. It saddens me though that it only gave me pause for a period of time and I relapsed a couple of years after that giving no thought to her obsessive body hate.

    I’m glad your tragedy has given you a healthy perspective of life. That is as it ought to be.



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