Mount Ellinor

On August 2, 2015, two friends and I headed toward Washington’s Olympic National Park to embark on our first outdoor adventure together: hiking Mount Ellinor. We had no idea the difficulty this beautiful mountain had in store for us. It was a bonding experience that established us as hiking buddies. It also made me aware that jumping another hiker for their water can sound tempting during a state of dehydration-induced delirium (don’t worry – I didn’t).

Reflecting on this day puts a smile across my face as I am reminded how recovery adds meaning to my life; it marked the beginning of many soul-feeding adventures with friends I hold very dear to my heart, who I recently had the honor of pronouncing husband and wife at their coastal hike elopement! To me, genuine connection is what life is about – not hyper-focusing on food, not obtaining a “perfect” body, not obsessing over weight.

I am excited to move forward climbing both literal and figurative mountains while knowing that living a connected life in recovery will continue to foster meaningful relationships and help support me through difficulty that is bound to surface.

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