What is beauty?

B E A U T Y  I S  immeasurably deeper than the shallowness of superficiality.

B E A U T Y  I S  our individual life stories, which give insight into how we navigate and operate in the world. It is opening ourselves up to better understanding each other regardless of differences. 

B E A U T Y  I S  finding our people, who love and accept us as we are, and who help us see the light of our being. It is holding onto these people and journeying through life together, keeping them close even when distance stands in the way.

B E A U T Y  I S  practicing vulnerability by lowering walls we intentionally or unintentionally put up, and letting others see through to the rawness of our soul. It is strengthening connections through this act of courage.

B E A U T Y  I S  fighting to push forward after falling down, after experiencing heartbreak, after facing loss. It is allowing ourselves to feel emotions that difficult experiences like these provoke, and going on when we feel like we cannot.

B E A U T Y  I S  the power of human touch. It is a single embrace transmitting love and providing a sense of comfort.

B E A U T Y  I S  our eyes lighting up when sparks of passion ignite within. It is those sparks erupting into roaring flames as we combine our passion with action and chase after our dreams. 

B E A U T Y  I S  embracing our unique characteristics and celebrating the diversity that surrounds us. It is acknowledging that we do not need to fit within society’s narrow definition of physical attractiveness.

B E A U T Y  I S  is much, much more…

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